In order to build something that stands the test of time, you must begin with a solid foundation and reliable cornerstones. These elements are essential for the integrity and longevity of any structure as the weight of every stone rests here… And this is certainly true when it comes to business: Leadership is the foundation, and the culture that flows from it becomes the cornerstone. With strength and compassion in both leadership and the resulting culture, stress from inevitable challenges can actually strengthen the team as they grow together and obstacles are then turned into opportunities.


The founders at Blackburn Digital know this, and as brother and sister, Ryan and Kathleen have weathered more than a few storms together (both personally and professionally) for more decades than they’d like to admit! But those experiences have given them the opportunity to choose their path, to strive to live intentionally and with integrity to their Christian faith and values. To be the cycle breakers in their family… The cross that many entrepreneurs feel called to carry.


The foundation of Ryan and Kathleen’s leadership is rooted in the Greek concept of arete, which is a call to strive for excellence in all you do. Excellence is often mistaken as perfection, but excellence is found in how you correct your mistakes, since they’re inevitable. Arete is about a commitment to virtue and continuous self-improvement in all aspects of life, with a focus on realizing one’s highest potential and contributing positively to the world. It’s also about loving and influencing others to do the same. Ryan and Kathleen both have a passion for helping others to grow and to fulfill their potential, whether through leading their team or serving their clients, their commitment is to do so with excellence.

Their “NO BULL” approach serves as a refreshing and transparent change of pace to the way typical digital marketing agencies operate, which includes four cornerstone elements: Passion, Loyalty, Reliability & Communication:


Passion fuels enthusiasm, encourages resiliency, drives dedication, inspires creativity and allows for continuous learning: All of which are essential in running a successful business.  We have a shared passion for helping others grow and succeed in business and in life in general.


Loyalty is the embodiment of support and allegiance. You can’t be loyal to everyone, so finding your tribe based on shared values and remaining true to that is fundamental. Our loyalty starts with our team and flows out from there to our clients. When you partner with us, you join our tribe!

Having grown up on Lake Erie shores in NE Ohio, like everyone else from the Cleveland area, we’ve suffered as die-hard Browns fans, but still believe in “next year” lol… We know loyalty! We are committed to displaying that same level of loyalty in helping you grow your business.


Reliability involves being consistent, responsible, and accountable in actions and communication. Siblings are often driven by a sense of duty to look out for one another, and Ryan and Kathleen are prime examples of this. When you join our tribe at Blackburn Digital, we look We intend to look out for the growth of your business with that same sense of duty.


Communication is crucial, whether you are in the business or family setting. Most people would agree with this, sadly very few actually make honest communication and transparency an active priority. We have learned in many different settings how foundationally important it is to have key consistent and transparent communication is. For example; building trust, clarity, gaining momentum, providing clear and accurate reporting as well as conflict resolution just to name a few.


There is an infamous quote: “There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics!” While this was likely a reference to the realm of politics, it seems just as relevant to the world of digital marketing. 


This is where “NO BULL MARKETING” was born.


We are straightforward, transparent and authentic in our interactions and decision making, and that enables us to cut through the unnecessary complexity and ambiguity most digital marketers live in. It’s why Blackburn Digital delivers an awesome customer experience. 

Ask us about our industry leading performance guarantee. Let us help you take your business to the next level with our SEO, PPC, and data-driven targeted advertising services.

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